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Thursday, January 5, 2012

EURUSD vs. DAX correlation

There is an older post ( ) regarding the correlation between some equity indexes and the EURUSD cross.

This chart confirms that there could be periods of decorrelation between DAX Index and EUR-USD cross.   This can turn to “normal” at any time, making though the DAX to fall and the EURUSD to fall slower or to go sideways. There is also the possibility for the EURO to rally in order to “reach” the DAX Index.

However, the first scenario is more probable as the main indexes (SPX, DJIA, DAX…) are oscillating now in (or close to) a strong resistance zone. 


  1. You're looking little a bit wrongly the correlation between Dax and Eur/usd.

    The difference is in amplitude. Take the direction from the euro but trade the dax only. This is the way to go.

  2. Hello. Thank you for the comment. I did not analyse which of the two (EURUSD and DAX) is leading so I am not contesting what you say. However, my point was to show that the EUROUSD is not always closely correlated with the DAX.