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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

RIM (Blackberry) price action points to higher levels

SUPPORT:   $8.00-$8.20
TARGET:     $12.60

DAX Index Analysis 2012.11.13

The daily chart of the german index DAX retested in today’s session the support area at 7100 which can form the basis for an increase or at least a reaction until the 7250 area.

The German sentiment index (ZEW) came much weaker today and however the investors have not continue the sales of the last week. This indicates a real potential for a reaction if the U.S. trading session will not generate significant losses.

Across the ocean there are large warning signs on the regulation of new austerity measures and of the debt ceiling but the new Obama administration is working on a plan for these problems.

In Europe there is a deadline (Friday) regarding the debt problems of Greece and until then the indexes are likely to be maintained at current levels or even to react from the achieved support level.

SIF Banat-Crisana (SIF1) Technical Analysis 2012.11.13

The SIF1 shares price entered today in the support area between 1.1000 and 1.1300 RON. The resistance area at 1.1850 RON led to the formation of a double high.

The medium-term growth target remains in the area of 1.3000 RON and if the bulls will intervene in the support area, the growth chances will increase.

The decreasing scenario will lead to a price decline below the 1.1000 RON level, then followed by an eventual retest of the current support area which will act as a resistance in this case. 

SIF Transilvania (SIF3) Technical Analysis 2012.11.13

The resistance area established in August for the SIF3 shares maintains between 0.6250 and 0.6320 RON.

The bears have intervened in the market near the 61.8% Fibonacci retracement level of the AB decline generated by granting the dividend. In the next days the support area remains at 0.5855 RON. If the price will fall below the actual support, is likely to see the price of the SIF3 shares near the 0.5500%area in the coming weeks.

The most attractive currencies for investment

On medium term the nordic currencies are the most attractive investments and this result came after a technical analysis of some relevant currency pairs but also after an analysis of interbank interest rates.